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4.37 x 7

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254 x 178

5 x 8

203 x 127

7.5 x 9.25

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Pricing is based on printing from print-ready PDF files. Books are printed black ink only on your choice of either 50#, 60#, 70# or 80# white or 60#, 70# warm white opaque text.

Prices include cover printed 4/0 on 12pt C1S (coated one side) with either gloss or *matte lamination.

Color page inserts are $0.12 per page for 6" x 9" or smaller

and $0.21 per page for 6.125" x 9.25 up to 8.5 x 11. 

  • Printing on inside covers is $0.50 per book

  • *Matte lamination is $0.15 per book

  • First two online soft proofs are free, each additional proof is $25

  • Unbound hard copy proof which will show trim marks is $30

  • Bound hard copy proof is $80

One you submit your print-ready files, our prepress team will review them to ensure that they are prepared correctly and in accordance with our print specifications. You be notified of any concerns we have about your print file preparation, and you will receive clear instructions if edits are required. Two rounds of file review checks are included with all orders at no charge. If more than two file reviews are required, a $25 charge per additional review will be added to your final order invoice. If you are unable to make the file edits required, our staff may be able to perform them on your behalf. We charge $75 per hour for prepress and design services, and will request your authorization before any work is started. We cannot be held responsible for any delays in our proofing or production schedule as a result of incorrectly prepared files submitted by our customers.

Heavy ink coverage and/or bleeds may be subject to additional charges.

Price does not include shipping — shipping costs billed separately. Pennsylvania deliveries subject to sales tax.

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